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Random Acts of Hatred cover Random Acts of Hatred
A novel published in 2006
by Arsenal Pulp Press (e-book available)
"Sexy, funny and daring"
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Short fiction collection published in 2003
by Arsenal Pulp Press (e-book available)
"This is an amazingly strong collection, fearless and promising."

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Lush Triumphant Literary Awards: Winner, for Creative Non-Fiction
published by subTerrain Magazine, Issue 69 (2015)
Illustrated by Maryanna Hardy. Thanks to Brian Kaufman and the crew at subTerrain for appreciating my little slice of memoir.
‘Bingo and Black Ice’

Plenitude Magazine: Queer Arts and Literature
edited by Andrea Routley, Plenitude Magazine, Issue 2 (2013)
Big thanks to Andrea and Plenitude for publishing a new work of fiction: a nostalgic reminiscence of small town first love.
‘Still My First Boyfriend’

West Coast Line: Fiction Issue
edited by Michael Barnholden, West Coast Line #70, Summer 2011
Fiction? Twenty-three writers treat facts as fiction, and fiction as pure creativity.
‘Rimbaud's New Book’ from ‘Like Gods’

White Wall Review: Ryerson's Journal of Literary & Visual Art
edited by Dennis Denisoff, WWR #31, 2007
Published by the Ryerson Literary Society, a journal of fiction, poetry and art.
‘Clamp and Groove’

First Person Queer: Who We Are (So Far)
edited by Richard Labonte and Lawrence Schimel, Arsenal Pulp Press, 2007
A collection of personal essays and creative non-fiction.
‘Birds in the Hand’
Winner, Lambda Literary Award, Best Anthology
Winner, Independent Publisher Award

EVENT: New & Established Writers
edited by Billeh Nickerson, Fall/Winter, 2006
Thanks to Billeh and to poetry editor, Liz Bachinsky. In this piece of fictional non-fiction, Gertrude Stein reflects upon life with Alice, dogs, the colour white, and mortality.
‘Basket Will Always Be Basket’
(Gertrude Stein, Paris, 1946)
Geeks, Misfits and Outlaws
edited by Zoe Whittall, Goodreads listing, 2003
With Camilla Gibb, RM Vaughan, Lynn Crosbie, Eileen Myles, Mariko Tamaki and many others.
"George K. Ilsley blends humour nicely into his punchy story ‘Impulse Control.’"
Front & Centre #9
The Fed Anthology: New Work from the Federation of B.C. Writers
edited by Susan Musgrave, Anvil Press, 2003
With Lorna Crozier, Patrick Lane, Betsy Warland, W.H. New, Alan Twigg and others.
"George K. Ilsley’s ‘When Parrots Bark’ [and another story] stand out for their energy and verve." The Georgia Straight
Sights Unseen: New Writing from British Columbia
edited by David Samis, Ripple Effect Press, 2003
Winners of the third annual B.C. Alternative Writing and Design Contest.
Prairie Fire: A Canadian Magazine of New Writing
edited by Robert Gray, Prairie Fire
Flaming Prairies: The Queer Issue, Volume 22, No. 2 (Summer 2001)

Contra/Diction: New Queer Male Prose
edited by Brett Josef Grubisic, Arsenal Pulp Press, 1998
"witty, sharply satirical, or deft little tales that resonate beyond their specifics... The first two tales unflinchingly present ghetto relationships that seem archetypal and almost immutable. The exploitation of youthful innocence by cynical age in George Ilsley’s ‘The Relative Bargain’ brings a shock of recognition—both for its hard truth, and for the reminder that we often gloss the existence of villains within our own world."
Xtra! (Toronto, November 1998)
The Church-Wellesley Review
Toronto, 1997. Archived in the electronic collection of the National Library of Canada
Queeries: An Anthology of Gay Male Prose
edited by Dennis Denisoff, Arsenal Pulp Press, 1993
"An exciting and unpredictable read ... stunningly original voices.
... [another story, the] tale of a schoolboy crush, manages to be romantic, cynical, funny and forlorn all at the same time. George Ilsley’s bar-boy fantasy Talismen pulls off a similar feat, yet throws innocent wonder and a powerful erotic charge into the mix as well."
Now Literary Supplement (Toronto, December 1993)
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