In DAWSON CITY at the Berton House Writer's Retreat
In the Himalayas, PRAYER FLAGS snap in the wind
Every scrap has a story: PAPER STORIES

Every scrap has a story.
Every stamp has its moment
of being licked.

Every piece of paper has
personal history pressed right into it and dried. Maybe the paper used to be a tree, until the pulping, or was a pile of rice stalks, or hand-crafted from elephant dung in Thailand. Every piece of paper used to be fibre of another name.

The paper stories here speak of a digital fetish for good old-fashioned texture.

www.thatwriter.canews box
As a news box on this site, a page from a notebook achieves new relevance in the digital realm. This scrap was used to convey a pencilled message of some urgency. Must Soon Turn NorthWritten messages were used to communicate during an attempt to reach the South Pole by airplane in 1929 because noise in the cockpit made talking impossible. "Must soon turn north" indicates concern about reaching the turnaround point, beyond which the plane would not have enough fuel to return.

No Stickys were harmed
Little known fact about bits of paper:
Sticky notes on this site were made by
scanning actual sticky notes.

annapurna permit
Giza Ticket
This appears to be an admission ticket to the Giza pyramids in Egypt. I myself have never been to Egypt and yet in my possession is this scrap of paper. It is torn, having admitted one, and marked by a splotch of something still sticky. I like to imagine this is the stickiness of surprisingly succulent dates, enjoyed while shuffling towards admittance.

Each scrap of paper is a tiny carbon sink.
"Protection"    paper on paper

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